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Answer to the Hourglass

The Mists Part Soon...
Aug 16, 12 4:06 PM
Midsummer Fire Festival
Jun 22, 12 8:06 AM
Note on an Iron Spike
Apr 19, 12 12:48 PM
Hour of Twilight-patch 4.3
Nov 29, 11 9:24 AM
Long overdue
Oct 14, 11 11:34 AM
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Service Updates

Welcome and Harken Ye-

Our band is varied from different races and classes, from varied levels of training and disciplines and from different homelands from all over Azeroth but in one thing we are united. 

We stand under the banner of the Horde.

Tarry here if you wish to learn more about our clan & cohort.

Answer to the Hourglass is a Medium role-play, social, multi-facet guild on the Sentinels server.  We are Not a Leveling or Raiding guild.  If you solely wish to rush to level we are not the group for you.

We wish to explore all facets of life in Azeroth.  This means while we portray our characters we are questing, working on professions, attaining achievements, participating in the holiday events, exploring the lands or the harsh environments of dungeons or taking up arms & battling in battle fields or in arenas.  Though we are too small a group at present to do raids if there comes a time when our numbers and unity allows it our company shall venture out as a raiding unit.

We encourage helpful companionship in our members for a group that knows each other often fights better when toe to toe with the enemy we face.  Battles won together lead for fun fireside reminiscence in the inns while we rest.

If we interest you have a look at our members & perhaps pen a missive of inquiry to me.

Be well no matter where your travels take you and perhaps our paths may cross.

Ravenlord of Answer to the Hourglass
In Service to The Lady




Other Guild News

The Mists Part Soon...

Elennoxx, Aug 16, 12 4:06 PM.

Midsummer Fire Festival

Elennoxx, Jun 22, 12 8:06 AM.
(A parchment tacked on a board that has been painted the colours of the Fire Festival)

Harken Ye All In the Cohort~
The Fire Festival has begun throughout the realm.  I have declared the Two fridays during the festival 'official' festival fridays.  I have done so so you can take a break from the hectic tasks of whatever assignments you find yourself on & perhaps go out to visit the fires with fellow guild-family members or allies of our cohort.

Help to keep the Horde fires burning all Year long.

Also, on the 29th of this Month Ash wishes to hold his Midsummer Fire Festival party. This will be his third year hosting this event.  Check the calender and sign up if you wish to attend.

Be Well in your Travels,

Note on an Iron Spike

Elennoxx, Apr 19, 12 12:48 PM.
(Large piece of Vellum on an Iron Spike in the Entrance of Guild Tower)

To members of the cohort~

I am concerned as of later of the thinning numbers of residents in Azeroth as are Astra & a few others around me.  Perhaps, if our schedules mesh we can speak on this at length in a 'safe zone'.

In Service to The Dark Lady

** **** ****
OOC news-

Grumbles & complaints everywhere about lack of..Oh I don't even have a list long enough to list everything  people on Sentinels bitched about.  And so many are leaving. If you find no hope in staying I will miss you as well...

But I am not going anywhere.  I made this guild 2 years ago & I am not abandoning it to follow someone else.
I may make alts on other servers but I chose this server 3 years is home.

Talk not do is a big thing in my outlook on life.  What can we DO to fix things?

I have tried to respond to requests of Guildies-

1)You wanted to raid more...Miracle Guild Master of Army of the Dead opened invitations to join her guild runs when they have places.  But do not expect to be carried through the newer content raids. 

If you wish to participate in them you are required to do your homework like the fight videos on youtube, make sure you have add-ons like Deadly boss mods you can download from 

Working vent is strongly suggested..though the owner of Army's vent has not configured it so some people have codex issues. When in vent I request you keep it clear for over excessive amounts of chatter so that we may hear the directions & the tanks & healers can communicate clearly to help the raid do its job.
A positive "can do" attitude is as important as being prepared with repairs to your gear, flasks, potions, bandages etc.  Also, be on time. If you sign there ready to go 15 mins before start time as it is a first come first serve basis. Army at the writing of this note had 591 members...they will fill spots with their guildies first, then our guild..before they pug.  If you sign up & can't make it drop me a note. 

2) Erlick of Army of the dead & myself as well as a few others have been trying to organize rated Bgs.  If you are interested in this speak to Erlick or write him an ingame letter.

3.) Rp....
We are a Med-light rp guild who free flow rps as we do other things....
Many have stopped doing this.
You don't need a scheduled event to rp.  In fact this guild was never about that.
But...a few of us have thought about kick starting it again.

My suggestions to you..rp out in the open. People may join in.  If people are griefers ignore them as if what they said did not even happen.
Rp does not only have to happen in Silvermoon City.  Spread RP out..Azeroth is a big place.

You want to be involved..listen to Trade occasionally. I know Portent Alliance has a "Story Circle" rp night because I saw it in Trade & asked the person about it.

Does anyone know if there is a Horde cross server IC RP channel?  If not perhaps its time we create one or 2.  Our guild OC channel is for our guild only & the allies I as the GM have invited in to help our guild communicate better.

4.)Occupy Hearthglen.
Ask Me & Astra about it....

5.)Check the Guild message of the day when you log on. Check the Guild calender for events. Check the guild roster to see where people are...maybe you can group up with people.  The roster is a great tool if you need to speak to someone as well.. as it will tell you if they are in a dungeon, raid or Bg & may or may not be busy.  Use the tools the game has given us...

Lastly..Bravo to all those who have been helping the guild with your questing, asking others to do dailies & dungeons & for those who have signed up to participate in the events I have scheduled. You are What Makes this Guild stronger. Your positive participation helps us survive.  Lets help us thrive tiny step forward at a time.

One sand in the hourglass for positive change.

Hour of Twilight-patch 4.3

Elennoxx, Nov 29, 11 9:24 AM.
The Hour of Twilight is upon us.

For all of you whom wish to stay informed I have placed the current scroll with the information regarding this here for easy reference.

Hour of Twilight-scroll from mmo champion

I hope to see you all, healthy & ready to face the new trials & discover the vast wonders that await us all.

It seems, in a sense, that all of Azeroth must Answer to the Hourglass....
Be well my brothers & sisters of the cohort.

Ravenlord of Answer to the Hourglass
In Service to The Lady

Long overdue

Elennoxx, Oct 14, 11 11:34 AM.
(Missive on the Iron Spike in the Guild Common Hall)

This is long overdue that I pen this missive. So much has kept me away from my desk.

Well done on Guild rank 12. All of you have worked so hard to gain us this level.  As I looked at the tally boards in Lordaeron I noticed we are nearing the third quarter towards rank 13.  I know that we shall attain that soon as you are all hard workers.

Bravo to Elorii & Lindrael for attaining 85th level of training.
Bravo to all of those who gained their next levels of training. Bravo to those who aided in gaining us guild achieves- by doing it the 'difficult' way..level appropriate. Well done to those of you gaining skills in your professions.
Bravo to the Arena achieve by Fal & Sav. I know you both do not love that discipline so to see you gained it for the guild touched me deeply.

I would like to thank those of you taking that extra step & asking others in guild & blahblah chat if they would join you on dungeon outings.  Often people do dungeon runs alone. To see those of you asking others to join you, whether they can accept your offer or not, makes me proud.  Seeing those of you ask if anyone needs company questing also gladdens my heart.  I have heard from many members & others that they often quest alone. Hearing people extending the offer of this company is a nice way to cure this loneliness & strengthen not only our guild but our neighborhood & server of Sentinels as well.

Your kindness, friendly-helpfulness is one thing, one goal I set for this Guild. I wanted the name of our guild, when seen around the Realm, to be one that made people think of quality & kindness, hardworkers, skillful individuals.  I watch I listen to you all I see that slowly this goal I envisioned is budding &, hopefully, will blossom & not fade.

Speaking of Blossoms, you may have noticed an ongoing grouping of our guild with the guild Ephemerals.  Trilliana & I have been attempting to co-plan outings both guilds can benefit from.  We have had several successful outings under the leadership of Lynore.  'Rhokky' has hosted a few 'old time' raids that many were able to participate in as well.  If you have interest in joining these, feel free to speak to me & Trilliana & I can attempt to add you to the list.  The work of both guilds together can strengthen us both.

I would like to thank Lorii & Lin for hosting outings for "Gearing Up".

A note on cleaning our ranks:
Please 'refresh' your alts once a month. Many have gotten to the inactivity level of 5 months plus. I know life is crazy but I will be attempting to prune the roster soon. I would rather a small family guild over a huge guild full of toons that have not been played 3months plus.
Those whom have informed me of leaves of absence will remain on the list. They are often demoted to Survivor while on leave. This is the 'probation rank' for new members & the inactive rank for those on leave.

Mordainn & her alts will NEVER be removed. She is a member in Memorium due to her passing.
If your alt is removed due to inactivity & you wish to return & there are no 'infractions' commited you would definitely be welcomed back.

I must close this missive & hope I did not forget anything.

Keep questing together, strengthen our family & cohort. Explore, share & laugh with each other.

Be Well in your journeys.
RavenLord of Answer to the Hourglass
In Service to the Dark Lady
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